Digital transformation is a hot topic for business leaders as they seek to ensure their companies successfully compete and prosper in the information age. Channels are also transforming as digital tools (e.g., websites, e-commerce, CRM, advanced data analytics, etc.) are adopted and used to drive effectiveness and innovation. Disruptors are resetting customer expectations and buying practices, taking share and threatening the dominance of traditional incumbent market players. Moreover, disruptors operate globally and are adding to the growing need for global channel strategies that support consistent and coordinated strategies, capabilities and execution.

In this complex and changing environment, many leaders confuse technology with strategy and expect magic results from digital tool investments. After wasting resources and with limited progress made through trial and error approaches, management discovers that successful channel technology deployments require equal investment in development of people, processes and tools. Ultimately, new results require new behaviors, meaning that it is the new actions of people and team in sales, marketing, operations, finance and customer service that achieve new results. None of this is possible, however, without a strong digital vision articulated and socialized by leaders and executive teams.

Digital tools are changing the way that people work, and therefore, the way that channels work. Our contribution to client progress through digital channel solutions include:

  • Digital vision (what will digital tools do your business, customers and partners?)
  • Customer, partner and disruptor research on digital expectations and behaviors
  • Digital tool opportunity assessments and plans (e.g., CRM, e-commerce, data, etc.)
  • Disruption and disintermediation SWOT analysis
  • Digital channel design plans for growth, customer experience and partnering
  • Channel restructuring / optimization / rationalization analysis and transition planning
  • Digital capability requirements (e.g., people competencies, process design, etc.)

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