Channel decisions are among the most important responsibility of leaders, but are often made with the least discipline, fact-gathering and scenario analysis. The results can be disastrous and measured in terms of lost sales, missed opportunities, customer confusion and channel conflict.

Industry-leading channel effectiveness requires the right strategies, supported by well-crafted programs and policies and executed through competent and motivated people, partners and teams. Channel economics can make or break the best ideas and are achieved through price and margin structures, compensation plans, efficient and productive practices, and achievable return on investment opportunities. Disruption potential and channel trends must be factored in from the start to make plans that “skate to where the puck will be.” Each market’s established practices must be acknowledged, with changes targeted where they will make a difference. Success begins and ends with meeting customer needs and importantly, creating measurable value through products and services. Resistant cultures can kill the best plans, mandating well-considered communication and organizational change management plans.

We combine deep experience, disciplined processes and creative insights to help each client realize their full potential and market leadership. Examples of our channel effectiveness solutions include:

  • Channel strategies for growth, new product launch, competitive threat, etc.
  • Customer and/or channel segmentation and opportunity assessment
  • Value selling sales model design and capability requirements
  • Distributor and/or sales person compensation and incentive plans
  • First line manager leadership development/coaching
  • Cost-to-serve and value chain margin allocation analysis
  • Human capital development planning and process mapping

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