Disruptive threats and digital channel transformations are leading to the realization that basic assumptions about a company’s business model are no longer certain. Disruptors win by competing on their own terms, enabled by highly advanced technology and data, and pulling customers into their orbit. The adoption and use of digital tools by salespeople, marketers, partners, distributors, retail and every other value chain player is dramatically improving productivity.

Business model innovation is essential because customers are open to dramatic change in the way that they acquire, use and evaluate products and services. The calculus of achieving competitive channel effectiveness and efficiency is changing, meaning that new approaches are needed to ensure a business delivers a winning customer experience, achieves required market coverage and presence to sales, and coordinates the activities and information sharing among value chain partners. Companies that do not challenge their legacy business models will fail to consider how their targeted customers are shifting, how partner priorities are evolving and how competitors are plotting to overwhelm or end-run their strategies.

Our channel practice has always sought out clients that were willing to consider innovative and game changing strategies. We have learned from these experiences and added knowledge through our market-leading and ongoing research and partnering with innovation practitioners. Our work is evolving and more and more, our clients expect us to help drive business innovation through solutions including:

  • Innovation opportunity identification and opportunity modeling
  • Leader field trips to innovative companies and expert practitioners
  • Stakeholder perspective research and testing (internal and external)
  • “Think outside the box” with voice of customer and partner inputs
  • “Sanity check” innovation opportunities and execution plans
  • Channel implication analysis (e.g., new policies, structure, partnering plans, etc.)
  • Process design for ongoing innovation as competitive advantage

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